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Who we are and what we do

Publy is an affiliated network active from 2010 in the field of online display advertising.

Publy is an advertising company that works in the specialist area of promotion of companies and services on the Internet. With its millions of users, advertising on the Internet has huge potential. Although broadly predictable, future development is still largely unidentified and certainly, due to its scope, not comparable with what traditional advertising companies can offer. To be successful, however, you cannot improvise, you need to consult specialists who have been working for some time in this field and who are able to operate satisfactorily in the Internet “ocean”, anticipating the far-reaching changes and dynamics which it is continually subjected to.

Fabrizio Aversano Head of Media
Francesco Di Cataldo CEO
Danilo Anelli Strategic Director Commercial and New Business
Gianluca Bruno CIO
Matteo Guidazzi Senior IT engineer
Antonio Pantaleoni Account Manager
Riccardo Messina Commercial & Marketing Account
Ricardo Casseb Head of Media BR
Simone Santagada IT engineer

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Where we come from

A short but comprehensive history of Publy